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Membership Benefits

Becoming a member at Career Resource Center is the most effective method for job candidates to access employment resources. Through virtual sessions, job seekers receive all the education, training, coaching, and guidance necessary to conduct a professional job search. Each membership lasts up to a year and includes all of the services Career Resource Center offers.  

Membership is a modest fee of $250 due to our generous donors and grant-makers.  

Easy online registration is available. Click the registration button below and you will be taken to our confidential registration form, along with Credit Card payment processing. Once your form is submitted you will be contacted to set up your first appointment!

Membership is for 1 year from registration date and includes all of these virtual services:

Individualized Job Search Coaching  

One-hour sessions with experienced advisors throughout your search are always private and confidential. Sessions include creating compelling resumes and improving inter­view performance. Advisors can also help discover career direction, identify individual strengths, establish job search strategies, obtain current marketplace intelligence, expand professional competencies, build value propositions and boost confidence and motivation. 

One-On-One Specialists

Interview Preparation: Melissa Jensen & Jay Vanderlaan

Career Resource Center offers private sessions where candidates can practice a range of interview techniques including phone screen, behavioral, face to face, and video interviews. Interview performance is critiqued, and helpful feedback is given immediately.

Online Job and Research: Helen Ho 

During individualized sessions, members learn how to conduct an effective online job search. This includes which websites will be most effective for use in their search including" Advanced Job Search" functions, how to use key words to the job seeker's advantage, and the value of online databases as a valuable tool for researching companies.

Linkedln: Dave Valancius and Claire Casper 

Utilizing Linkedln to its fullest potential gives candidates a competitive edge. The Linkedln Tutor assists candidates with using Linkedln's ad­vanced features to increase profile visibility to recruiters and employers, find valuable connections, and to search for opportunities. 

Microsoft Office:  Mike Hill

Specialized tutors provide members with one-on-one training in Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Members can work on precise areas of each application for customized guidance.

Education and Training Programs

We offer several programs each month, covering a wide range of pertinent job search topics such as interviewing, resumes, and personal branding that are presented by professionals who are experts in their field. These enhance a member's professional toolkit, even after landing a new position. Non-members may attend some of our educational programs for a fee of $20 each. Networking sessions are open to the public at no charge. Members find job search strategy roundtables and networking events to be particularly useful. 

LinkedIn Programs and Group

Three levels of Linkedln programming are offered for beginners or advanced users. Career Resource Center's Linkedln group of 1000+ members is available for networking, dialogue, information sharing, articles, and job postings.