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Employer Services

We offer confidence-building, results-focused employment outplacement services to small and mid-sized organizations.

As a small to mid-sized employer, it is important to show compassion to your separated employees. Provide them support to get them back on their feet as soon as possible. 

unemployment costs

Taking care of separated employees makes a meaningful statement and reduces legal risks

Builds goodwill, decrease negative reviews

Creates a more positive experience for exiting employees

Protects the company's reputation and brand, attracting new business and future talent

Let's continue the conversation by setting up an appointment and find out how CRC can help both you and your employees.

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Why choose us?

  • 90% of alumni recommend to others.

  • 80% of alumni affirm long-term benefits of knowledge and skills acquired.

  • 65% of new member referrals come from alumni, friends, and family.


About us

Transforming careers has remained constant since we were established in 1990. Individualized counseling, career-skills workshops, and an array of informational material have accelerated the return to significant and productive career paths of over 14,000 individuals. Keeping pace with changing marketplace demands, technological advances, employer expectations, candidate needs, and the economic environment, we deliver high-caliber employment assistance. Career Resource Center, a nonprofit 501(c)(3), continues to transform careers with responsive, efficient, compassionate, and comprehensive employment resources and support.



How we help separated employees:

- Job search coaching sessions: Private, confidential one-hour sessions throughout one’s search include creating compelling resumes and improving interview performance. Discover career direction, identify individual strengths, establish job search strategies, obtain current marketplace intelligence, expand professional competencies, build value propositions, and boost confidence and motivation.

- Interview preparation: Practice a range of interview techniques including phone screen, behavioral, face-to-face, and video interviews. Interview performance is critiqued, and helpful feedback is given immediately during private sessions.

- Skills updates: Keep current and proficient with LinkedIn training, Microsoft Office tutoring, and On-Line Job and Research assistance. - Education and training programs: Professional experts deliver workshops on job search topics, professional toolkit enhancements, and motivational, emotional, and financial programs.

- Networking sessions with current clients, past alumni, and members of the community

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Our Team

CRC leverages the strengths and resources of our surrounding communities with more than 100 volunteers, who offer their expertise pro-bono to serve on the Board of Directors, deliver education and training programs, coach clients, and perform many of CRC’s operational needs. This talented group of volunteers make it possible for CRC to fulfill its mission in a cost-effective way for job seekers.

Individualized coaching

Advisors & Specialists work one-on-one with candidates to develop personal strategies


Update your skills and acquire knowledge about the job search process

Boot camps

Geared to specific demographics and situations to jumpstart your search