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Jeanine Jensen

I joined Career Resource Center in January 2018 after an unexpected layoff left me looking for work. The people I met and the degree of support I received was just what I needed to help me refocus my efforts on finding a job. I am grateful for my advisor’s expertise and the dedication of the volunteer professionals who enabled me to improve my online profile, refine my résumé, and boost my interviewing skills. I never expected to be in a position of personal job transition. The process of looking for work can be exhausting, overwhelming, and altogether dehumanizing. The last few months have been some of the most difficult of my life. Career Resource Center has been instrumental in restoring my sense of dignity and worth. Everyone is respectful, always positive, and patient in answering whatever questions job seekers have. They gave me guidance, encouragement, and, most of all, hope. They helped me get back on track, reclaim my confidence and become ready to succeed. I am happy to say that I am employed once again. Many of the connections I made during my job search are now friends. I thank Career Resource Center and I am honored to pay it forward whenever and however possible. By joining, I know I shortened my job search. More importantly, I found myself again after a very challenging season in my life. They are affordable and the return on investment was immediate for me. I would recommend their services highly and hope others in transition find the courage to believe in themselves enough to take advantage of the many opportunities Career Resource Center offers.

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Mick Byrne

Having being employed with one company for the past 18 years, the job search market place has drastically changed. Career Resource Center is providing me with the skills, tools, and knowledge to be successful in finding my next position.

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Wayne Walter

Career Resource Center was critical in my job search. After many years at the same company, I needed and got the support and guidance to land a great job. I found the advisor sessions and the workspace availability to be most valuable in helping me succeed.

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Donna Ricketts

During my career, Career Resource Center is the fist place I would visit during any transition. I sought expertise from advisors, tutors, and their up-to-date workshops. My experience with Career Resource Center has been outstanding! It has given me a new level of confidence.

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Donald Renz

When I graduated from a four-year STEM program without a job, I felt frustrated and lost. Fortunately, I found Career Resource Center through some family friends. In my first few weeks as a member, the resources at Career Resource Center gave me the direction, focus, and tools I’ve needed in the job search. It’s a supportive community — from the Executive Director, who always wants to chat when I visit, all the way to the other shy introverts I’ve met at casual networking events. My advisor, the workshops, and the tutors have all been instrumental in turning the scary prospect of being a first-time job seeker into an empowering and exciting time in my life. I used to be such a skeptic about job searching and networking, but the people here have not only shown me how effective I can be as my own agent, but have taught me tools and confidence to advance my young career.

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Vannia Velasquez

Career Resource Center helped me to redefine myself as a mom returning to the workforce after raising my family. Career Resource Center allowed me to explore my skills and talents, and to believe and gain confidence. In less than three months, they have already helped me land a part-time job that I love.