Campaign for the Future

Spring 2021


Dear CRC Friends,


I want to personally thank all of our loyal friends for continuing to support Career Resource Center (CRC) and our motivated job seekers as we are nearly a year into the COVID-19 Pandemic. Needless to say, this past year has been trying for everyone. However, we at CRC have found strength, resilience, and motivation to reinvent as a virtual service provider in order to continue providing high-quality job search assistance to our clients in this new era of job search. 


CRC was fortunate to receive two loans in Spring 2020 and Winter 2021 from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) administered by the Small Business Administration (SBA). The forgivable funds secured provided much needed relief for lost revenue due to the pandemic and associated shutdown. However, the need to secure funding to support our ever-important mission continues to grow as unemployment and long-term unemployment continues to rise in our region. 


As you might recall, CRC celebrated our 30th anniversary in 2020. While the pandemic may have deprived us of a fabulous celebration, we were able to successfully launch our 30th Anniversary Fundraising Campaign. Our Campaign for the Future will continue for the next year with the ultimate goal of raising $150,000. I’m proud to say we recently surpassed $50,000 and are well on our way to meet our goal in 2022! However, we can’t do this without you—there is still time to make your donation this quarter. In the coming months you will continue to see updates on the progress of our campaign as this funding source is critical to sustaining our mission to Change Lives and Strengthen Communities with Confidence-Building, Results-Focused Employment Resources.


I for one cannot wait for the time to come when we can meet in person, celebrate new jobs by “ringing the bell” together, and share laughs at a networking event. Until then, we will continue to be Your Job Search Partner. 


Sending each of you safe and happy wishes this Spring,

Kristina Phillips


Kristina Phillips

Executive Director

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Leadership Circle

($2000 and above)


Mary Beth Barrett-Newman & Gary Newman

Law Office of Lori A. Goldstein

Marla Gottschalk

Charles & Randi Gurian

Bob & Norma Hoagland

Richard & Marie Jones

David & Karen Kahl

Thomas & Pamela Ratchford

John Strauss

Claire Thom

Brent & Andrea White

$1000 - $1999

Rich Daly · Lowell & Mariclaire Dixon · Suzanne Conolly Dye · Jack Edwards

Michael & Kristin Kramer · Pam & Howard Leach · Ron Moskal

Simon & Phyllis Moughamian · Jody Perl · Fred & Ginger Seff · Gerald & Barbara Schultz

Ron & Anne Taylor · Art Wilde


$500 - $999

Jack & Harriett Bigelow · Roberta P. Brenner · Patti & Norb Bries

David & Joyce Brown · Susanne Cash · Eric Clarke · Michelle Doyle

John & Janette Gatesy · Melissa & Dennis Jensen · Patrick Looby · James W. Miller

Jill Rappis · Joanna Seff · Keith Smiley


$250 - $499

Steve Alderman · Rebecca Bloomfield · Carol Bynoe · Mick Byrne · James Carruthers

Kirsten Caspersen · Marilyn Clark · Suzanne Coonan · Bennett Dixon

Daniel & Jennine Dooley · Terry Gibbons · Sam Henry · Nancy Hensel

James & Kelly Michel · Debra Moughamian · Anne O'Connell · Jeff St. John

Barb Runyen Coaching LLC · Kenneth Seip · Marc Silver · Vicki Stoller

Joel & Jessie Solomon · Beth Sullivan


                                                                 up to $249                                                                                              

John H. Adams · Dale Arnold · Vic & Anne Bassi · Leslie Behnke · Kirsten Bettendorf

Joe Bianchini · Karen Braun · Tywnia & Aaron Brewton · Steve Brown & Marla Kell

Burt & Linda S. Bucher · Andrew & Susanna Bunta · Phyllis Burg · Kevin Cullather

 Andrew Danner · Janice Dastur · Margaret Dastur · Jack Devedjian · Debra Dietrich

Richard & Sylvia Dresser · Jim Dubrow · Joyce Ebersman · Chuck Edwards

Charles Fiore III · Gregory & Jane Furch · Gerry Gherardini · Gary & Mary Anne Grzelak

Josh Gurian · David & Elaine Hacker · Jerry Hansberger

Doug & Laurel Hart · David & Pam Henkel · Laura Hille · Don Humphries

Spencer & Lynn Isola · Irene Jacobsohn · Jamie Jacobsohn · Marianne Jadlowski

Mary Jakes · Jacki & Shelly Kimel · Mike & Gail Kiss · Laurie Klapacz

Jane Korczynski · Eliezer Krumbein · Dino Lagattolla · Charles Laurito · Mary Lawson

 Carol Letofsky · Cheryl Levi · Stan & Mercedes Logan · Richard Lynn · Stephen Maloney Peter March · Reese Marcusson · Robert Marshall · Don & Carol McAvoy

John & Elizabeth McCracken · Brian McHugh · Chris Molnar

Betty & Todd Musburger · Don Nemerov · Virginia Niemann

Howard & Rhonda Nussbaum · David O'Brien · John Olson · Ron Pass

Tim & Judy Phillips · Susan Picchietti · Sharon Preble · David A. Radomski · Robert Rizzo Betsey Robinson · Jim & Marlene Rogers · Nancy Rosengard · Alan & Patty Rubin

Neal Rubin · Frances Sachs · Don & Georgia Sanborn · Mr. & Mrs. L. Schaffel

Scott Schneider · Bill Schumann · Ralph & Nancy Segall · Robert Shaw

Peggy & Vince Sparrow · Robert & Gail Spiel · Charles & Renate Staley · Jeff & Jeanne Stoner

Barbara Stypik · Duncan Swenson · Lauren & Joseph Szwiec · David Tarnoff · Sue Thomas

Nick Tucker · David Valancius · Kenneth Weller · Bev Welling · Tom Wesson · Veronica West

Charles Wilkin · Elliot Young · Ronald Zoromski