Campaign for the Future

Fall/Winter 2020


Dear Members of the CRC Family,


We are proud to announce CRC’s first-ever multi-year fundraising effort, Campaign for the Future. In this exceptional year, we are recognizing our 30 years of service to job seekers in our community by combining our annual appeal with the launch of an ambitious campaign to raise $150,000 over the next two years.  


To get the campaign off to a roaring start our board members and dedicated friends have already pledged a significant matching pool.  We are asking you to join with us in reaching this ambitious goal by considering a generous increase in your loyal support before December 31st.


This increased support will make a real difference in CRC’s mission in the following ways:  


  • Acquire additional technology to expand remote programming

  • Develop new programming targeted to job seekers facing similar challenges:

  • Finding that first job

  • Returning to the work force after a long absence

  • Late career job seekers

  • Fortify our financial reserves to help weather future catastrophic business interruptions

  • Strengthen outreach to more communities

  • Provide scholarship support for those most in need


Your increased support will be magnified not only by the matching pool from our board and special friends, but it will also boost our chances of success with institutional funders such as faith organizations, local government agencies and private foundations—who see support from individuals like you as an important measure of CRC’s impact in the community. 


If you have not previously given to CRC, now is a great time to start! For those who have, please consider increasing your support to get our Campaign for the Future off to the strongest start possible.



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